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Commissions Open!




Heyy guys! I’m now taking commissions.

I’ve been in between jobs for awhile since the earlier part of the year and life decided to deal a huge blow just recently. In any case, I still need to support myself and my commitments thus I figured I should work on commissions. :D;

More info about prices, samples, how to contact me and whatnot can be found here!

Thanks for your time in reading and reblogs will be very very much appreciated ;v; Thank you again!!

Support support! :D 

Aug 9

Dito’s sword from Drakengard 3

Time spent : About 15? hours or so.

Not one of my better works. Paintjob is really messy and rough. X___X. I enjoyed the process tho….. and my favourite part is probably the 3-tone gradient blade. Will be making the sheath and shield too later on.

Made from box board and craft foam. Theres a wood foundation in the centre and certain areas were strengthened with epoxy.

Marie from Skullgirls WIP

The costume is done but the props are still in progress. Im still missing her Vacuum cleaner prop and the ribcage. All costume parts and props made by me.

Dagger for Myoubi from Alichino

WIP and Finished Prop.
Materials used : Box board, Craft foam, Wood dowel , PVC pipe abd epoxy

Detailing made with various lace, pearl chain , metal filigree pieces, 3D fabric paint and faux rhinestones.

Time spent : about 10++ hours or so.

May 6

The past two months have been pretty hectic so i haven’t been updating much

I will be at C2age this weekend and will be selling some of the stuff here as well as Titan’s Digest Magazine by Wall Marilah . Stocks are pretty limited so do stop by our booth as early as possible to get them.

Im currently working on a few commissions simultaneously again (things are usually busy for me around this time of the year) and will probably be busy all the way up till July. Hopefully i will be able to post more after this busy period. X___X

Usually I’ll post most of my WIP for props and other stuff on my Facebook page first so if you like… you can check it out here:

Mar 4

Gah I know this is super late but I really want to buy a copy of Titan's Digest. Is there a way to order one online?



Thank you so much for your interest!
I’m sorry but at the moment we are only selling Titan’s Digest at local (Malaysian) events and we do not have plans to ship the book overseas.

We will definitely make an announcement on our facebook page ( if we decide to take online orders or bring the book to any overseas events in the future.  ^___^

Sakizo - Ribbon WIP

Mini Shingeki no Kyojin plushies
Made of felt and some fabric paint.Was supposed to make Armin and Mikasa as well but i got lazy

Mini Shingeki no Kyojin plushies

Made of felt and some fabric paint.Was supposed to make Armin and Mikasa as well but i got lazy

Goldfish Plant from Hozuki no Reitetsu

Made with paper clay, epoxy, floral wires and painted with acrylics

Goldfish Plant from Hozuki no Reitetsu

Made with paper clay, epoxy, floral wires and painted with acrylics

2013 Cosplay Review

I forgot to post this here OTL 6 new costumes this year, one more than last year. \ o / . This is also my 10th year as a cosplayer. Didnt expect to last this long hahahahah. 1) Tomoyo Daidouji - Clamp in Wonderland Version Was invited by Eclair to join a CNY themed Clamp photoshoot. A relatively comfortable costume for once 2) Original Fairy costume that i started but never got around finishing. OTL. I still want to do it tho…. should finish it up soon. Wanna do some sort of concept like shoot but haven’t really thought of anything yet. 3) Suu from Clover This has always been a dream cosplay of mine. Since even before i knew who Clamp was. Its not one of the more popular Suu costumes, but it was the one that i really really wanted to do. I only had a very short photoshoot for it. If i have time i would like reshoot this costume. 4) Sakura - Tsubasa (infinity arc) I keep making really huge and super chor teng costumes lately. I wanted a simpler costume i can bring to events and still take care of the booth without getting in anyone’s way. So i made this . This was worn for Cosmart at parkamaya. I dont have any photos of myself in it unfortunately. 5) Annie Leonhart From Shingeki no Kyojin. Was kinda roped into this series by some friends. I dont usually cosplay popular-at-that-time series but this is an exception because we had a doujin and we decided to cosplay to promote the booth. Annie is one of my favorite female characters from SnK and it was fun cosplaying her since i can run around with my default expression the whole day lol. No 3DMG yet. We will start making it after CNY i think. 6) Black Queen Esther  Another dream costume that Ive been wanting to do for years but never got around doing it because i was not confident with my skills. Skye invited me to join her group earlier this year and that was my motivation to finally start on the costume. I was supposed to start much earlier, but i kept facing problems and in the end it was rushed out within 2 months. All the beads on this costume was hand sewn, all the half beads and rhinestones stuck on one by one. I would not have been able to finish it without the support of my tweetlist and friends who kept screaming at me when I procrastinated on working on my costume. I still feel its not complete tho. Plan to bling it up somemore before the next time I wear it.  Not shown in photo : Sakizo ‘Ribbon’ costume. Started but never finished. The plan has been postponed to next year. I love sakizo designs but its so much work. D8. I want to finish it soon so I can start on OTHER sakizo costumes. 8D8D8D All in all its been a pretty good cosplay year for me i guess. Finished 2 dream costumes and churned out some unexpected ones. I keep saying i wanna quit. But I still cant let go of this hobby. lol

2013 Cosplay Review

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